I’m just saying~

Honestly, emotions scare me….but when I say that, I actually mean that girls do haha. I can never tell when girls are fucking around these days because shit just seems so sincere when really, its all just a big web of “fun” to them I guess. I hate when I put my feelings on the line and actually try for something just to get torn down and have my sanity pinched and stabbed at….and for what? Just because you wanted to simply just fuck around and do stuff but not be on some real shit? ( IT happens too often and I’m not a fucking toy so wtf) Of course in the end it’s always going to be ME who has to try and feel better and It’s always going to be ME who’s trying to get back to normal, so I don’t even know why I try haha. I could just go around and fuck like ten different girls and be this little shit that I very well have the potential to be, but why would I do that? I figure, If I could just find one girl who’s actually about trying to see where we could go if we both actually tried for each other, that would be fucking lovely lol. I’m not necessarily trying to date, but if we know what it is and can just stick to it and only fuck with each other in that way, then that’d be nice. Hopefully at least one girl in this shitty city will actually be on some real shit for once one of these days.


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I just recently did a photo-shoot and I am going to spam everyone with the pictures, I am sorry if I annoy anyone.
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